Roundup Of Best Things To Buy At Dollar Tree

Roundup Of Best Things To Buy At Dollar Tree

My Favorite Dollar Tree Items


I love saving money on things I’m already going to buy or things that we won’t keep long. We spend a lot of money on groceries and I’m not very good at remembering to use coupons, so I prefer to shop at stores where I’ll save money without any effort. One of my favorite money-saving stores is Dollar Tree (affiliate link).


I had never been to a Dollar Tree until a few years ago when some of my clients raved about all of the things they bought there. Then, lucky me, a Dollar Tree opened up near my son’s elementary school. I gave it a shot one day and I am now a convert. I shop Dollar Tree regularly and I now go there first when I need storage containers or art supplies.


If you haven’t been to a Dollar Tree, you are missing out! They offer lots of name brand products for much less than you’d pay at the grocery store Dollar Tree is also a great place to go for holiday décor. If you still need a push to shop there, here are my favorite items to purchase at Dollar Tree.



Best Items To Buy At Dollar Tree

These are my favorite things to buy at Dollar Tree, although, truth be told, whenever I go, I walk each aisle to see if I find something new that I didn’t know I needed.


When you visit Dollar Tree, be sure to check out the food selection. They have a lot of brand-name snack products and food that we use in our house.


Organization Products at Dollar Tree

  • Storage Containers: I can’t tell you how many storage containers I have bought at Dollar Tree. The best part is they have all held up really well. I have bought bins for books, boxes for puzzle pieces, plastic shoe boxes, storage for the bathroom and kitchen storage.


  • Storage for Linens and Clothing: I have purchased zippered comforter bags that I use for our camping trips (to keep our towels and blankets clean), over-the-door shoe holders and mesh laundry bags from Dollar Tree.


  • Odds And Ends: Dollar Tree is truly my first stop when I need an organization product. I came across a neat solution for a homework station and found everything I needed to make it happen at Dollar Tree. I use plastic travel cases for soap to store decks of cards and crayons for when we are dining out. If I have a weird space or something new I want to corral, I usually head there first.


Educational and Craft Supplies at Dollar Tree

I’m not very crafty but my boys like to do art projects so we usually hit Dollar Tree for inexpensive supplies (since we certainly don’t keep every work of art. Here are some of our top picks.


  • Construction paper


  • Notebooks, composition books and lined writing paper


  • Popsicle sticks, stickers and pipe cleaners


  • Coloring books


  • Puzzle and activity books



General Household Products at Dollar Tree

I’ll admit that I am very brand loyal, but luckily, Dollar Tree carries brands I usually buy!


  • Dish soap


  • Certain cleaning products


  • Toothpaste and toothbrushes


  • Aluminum foil and storage bags


  • Aluminum trays (used for potlucks and parties)


  • Small brooms, microfiber towels and cleaning sponges



Novelty Items and Toys at Dollar Tree

  • Holiday Décor: My kids know that if they want to decorate for a holiday (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day), our first stop is Dollar Tree. We can usually find great little décor items that we use over and over again.


  • Gifts: Every year, we make shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child. We usually purchase most of the shoe box items from Dollar Tree – down to the shoe boxes!


  • Party Supplies: I usually go to Dollar Tree for birthday party supplies before going anywhere else. You can find solid color table cloths, plates and cups and utensils for, well, just $1. They also have a lot of great options for the party favor bags.


  • Glow Sticks: I buy glow sticks for the kids when we go Trick or Treating, camping or to any evening activity where we’ll be out in the dark. It makes it a lot easier to keep track of my kids!



I can go on and on about my Dollar Tree love. If you have an organizing project or craft you want to do, definitely start at the Dollar Tree. In fact, when I was checking out their website, I learned that they have a blog full of ideas and you can order online! That’s fantastic – especially if you need a lot of one item and your local store only has a few. Even better, you can order something online and have it shipped free to your local store! I wish I had known that when my older son was obsessed with trains and I went to six different Dollar Tree stores to find the specific stickers he wanted!



*This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission if you make a purchase at no extra cost to you.


If you don't think Dollar Tree has things you buy, think again! Roundup of my favorite items to buy at Dollar Tree. (Photo source: Dollar Tree)




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