Review: Best Reusable Water Bottles for Kids

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Review: Best Reusable Water Bottles for Kids

Favorite Reusable Water Bottles for Kids’ School Lunches


My son loses a lot of water bottles, therefore, I buy a lot of reusable water bottles. His elementary school is doing away with drinking fountains and instead has hydration stations where kids can refill their water bottles, so he must have a bottle or he goes without water all day. Over the last four years, I have probably bought 30 water bottles – mainly because they get lost.


I’ve tried different types of water bottles but we now have our go to favorites that I buy whenever they are on sale whether we need them or not. If you are looking to purchase reusable water bottles, here are our favorite bottles.



Best Reusable Bottles for Kids

These are the best reusable water bottles that have worked for the kids in my house. I also use the Camelbak but my husband prefers insulated stainless steel water bottles. I don’t use those for the kids or myself because they can spill easily if the top isn’t on tightly and they can be difficult for the kids to open if the top is on properly.



  1. Camelbak Eddy: My brother and sister-in-law got me the Camelbak Eddy when I complained that I never drank water when the kids were home because the kids would knock over my glass and make a mess. This water bottle has become our go to. It really doesn’t spill or leak. You need to bite the straw in order for water to come up so it may not be great for really young kids, but once your kid can figure it out, I highly recommend this water bottle. It is also available in a kid size, although we just get the large size because we take it with us when we’re out for the entire day and we never need to refill it. The best part is that the entire bottle is dishwasher safe so we don’t have to wash individual pieces.



  1. Thermos Funtainer: We use the Thermos Funtainer for my youngest son because it is easier to drink from. He also likes ice water so the Thermos Funtainer water bottle keeps his water nice and cold. The drawback with this water bottle is that it can leak if it is upside down so it isn’t ideal for day trips. I’ve had it flip upside down in my purse more than once, ending with everything in my bag getting wet. One perk of this water bottle is that you can purchase a new straw top if it gets destroyed. My oldest son likes to bit on the straw, eventually destroying it. I just discovered that I can buy a new straw without having to purchase a whole new bottle. Score!



  1. Playtex Twist and Click Sippy Cup: The Playtex sippy cup is fantastic for little ones. Both of my sons have used this as a water bottle when they were younger and it has never spilled in my bag, despite not having a lid. I still use them with my youngest when we aren’t carrying a backpack that will keep the Thermos bottle upright. I don’t love that the spout isn’t covered because I feel like it can get germy pretty easily, but it is a great spill-proof water bottle for little ones who can’t use the Camelbak.


  1. Contigo Autospout: While the Camelbak is our go to (we have 6 of them), this year, I bought two Contigo Autospout Stainless Steel water bottles during a heat wave. My son has to leave his backpack, water bottles and lunchbox outside the classroom and he came home one day with a completely full bottle of water because the water got so hot outside in the sun (it can get up to 90 degrees). We don’t use the Contigo daily because it is a bit heavy and he somehow managed to break the top off one of the spouts (my husband was able to fix it), but it is a great option for hot days and for kids who aren’t constantly biting the straw. It is definitely leak-proof, which is a win for us.


We take our reusable water bottles with us whenever we are out for the day and my kids take their water bottles to lunch daily, so I know which bottles have survived my kids, who are hard on their stuff. These four have done well in our home and haven’t needed to be replaced, except when they’ve gotten lost.


Review - best water bottles for kids. Roundup of the best reusable water bottles for elementary school age kids.



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