Five Favorite Organization Strategies to Stay on Track

Five Favorite Organization Strategies to Stay on Track


Five Friday Favorites – Best Organization Strategies to Manage Life


Happy Friday! This week has flown by and I feel like I haven’t gotten much done – actually I know I didn’t get much accomplished. I never even got a chance to get organized and plan for the week and the week is already over! I’ll definitely work on getting organized next week since I can’t stand feeling discombobulated all week.


Since my goal for next week is to be more organized and productive, I figure I should re-visit some of my favorite organization strategies.


5 Simple Organization Strategies to help you get organized and back in control of your weeks

Best Organizing Strategies for the Semi-Organized Person


  1. Actually Use A Planning System: I use a planner and when I actually use it, I am far more productive. I keep a running list of my general goals and incorporate to dos that will help me achieve my goals every week. It doesn’t always happen, but I am much more likely to reach my goal if I put to dos that will help me get there on my list. You don’t have to use a paper planner (although that is by far my personal preference), just find a system that works for you and actually use it.


  1. Time Batching: I’m fairly new to time-batching, but I already love it. If you don’t know what it is, time batching is a productivity tool where you group similar activities together and do them all at the same time. So, for example, you would set aside time to do your writing, or your marketing or your administrative tasks all together, rather than do one thing, switch to something else and then jump to another task. It is so much more effective to do similar tasks together and I find I get through way more when I do the same thing at the same time. I first read about time batching here, but I don’t time batch days, just a few hours at a time. My weeks are too unpredictable to set aside a full day for specific tasks.


  1. Do Something Every Day (or at least a few days a week): One of my biggest challenges is that I can never get the house clean or organized (especially not to my pie in the sky standards). Between work and kids and not feeling well, our house is usually kind of a wreck. My house looks much better when I just do one thing a day (or every two or three days). On Monday, I cleared our dining room table (this took longer than you’d think). Just having that one big beautiful clear space makes me feel better, which motivated me to put away clean laundry on Wednesday. I can’t spend hours cleaning since I need to conserve my energy, but I can do a tiny bit every day. Side note – I think it’s great that there are people who have cleaning schedules but I have never been that pulled together, nor can I count on my body to cooperate.


  1. Keep Lists: Today is Thursday and I have gone to the grocery store three times this week – three times! Like I said, I never got around to planning my week out, which includes checking to see what we’re out of so I’ve had to make too many trips to the grocery store this week. Usually, I keep a running list on my phone of things we are running out of so that if I go to a particular store, I can pick up what we need.


  1. Do A Sunday Prep: Part of my problem is that we were away last weekend, so I didn’t get a chance to do my normal Sunday Prep, which is how I get myself sorted out for the week. Since I didn’t prep meals or plan anything, my kids ate chicken nuggets way more than I’d like this week. The Sunday prep is my guarantee we’ll eat well. I also forgot that my oldest was supposed to wear green for Earth Day and forgot to send extra clothes for my youngest at daycare. I NEED my Sunday prep time.


I’m an organization junkie. I Pin organization stuff nightly on Pinterest because I have aspirations of being an organized person. If I didn’t live in a house full of people who like lots of things (husband included), I could totally live in a 300 square foot house so long as my house had a big closet. That being said, I love all the people in my house and want to keep them here so I’ll just keep trying different systems until something sticks.


What’s your favorite organization trick?


5 Simple Organization Strategies to help you get organized and back in control of your weeks
5 Simple Organization Strategies to help you get organized and back in control of your weeks

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