No Candy Easter Baskets

No Candy Easter Baskets


No Candy Easter Basket Fillers That Your Kids Will Love


When I was a kid, my aunts gave my brothers and me an Easter basket every year. They were full of candy and I looked forward to them every year. I wanted to continue the Easter Basket tradition for my own kids and my nieces, but I didn’t want to fill them with candy since they are all young and don’t each much candy.


I tend to shop ahead for pretty much everything and my Easter basket fillers are no different. I am always on the lookout for stuff for Easter baskets, since I make four, and even Christmas stockings. I stash everything in the same place so I don’t forget about it when it comes time to put the gifts together.


I try to pick Easter basket items that the kids will actually use since I hate clutter and they have plenty of stuff. I avoid things that I know they’ll only play with once and it will just take up space in our home.


For example, just today, I saw these cute “Jar of Super Heroes” and “Jar of Ponies” in the Dollar Spot at Target.  They were cute, but I know my kids won’t actually play with them so they’ll just end up adding to the clutter. Same goes for stuffed animals. There are tons of super cute Easter bunny and baby chic stuffed animals but I’m pretty sure the stuffed animals we have are procreating so I don’t want to bring any more into the house.



The Perfect No Candy Easter Basket

Here are my go-to items that I put in Easter baskets for my two boys (7 and 3) and my nieces (3 and 1).


  1. Swimsuits and Sunglasses: We live in California and our complex has a pool so we spend a lot of time in the pool. My kids’ birthdays are in late May and July so I can’t wait for their birthdays to get them swimsuits so Easter is the perfect time to gift them new suits. It’s also helpful to my sister-in-law to know that the girls will get a new swimsuit from us.


  1. Bubbles: My oldest is no longer interested in bubbles but it is still a big hit with the little ones.


  1. Books: I always include a book in each of the Easter baskets. Who doesn’t love a new book? My older son’s school usually has a book fair fundraiser in March so I pick up a book for each of them at that time.


  1. Coloring Books and Crayons: I always get a coloring book for the little ones from the Dollar Store. My oldest isn’t interested in coloring anymore so I either get him art supplies or activity books (word searches, etc.).


  1. Hair Accessories or Rabbit Ears: I pick up fun hair accessories for my nieces as well as rabbit ears for the little ones. I typically get a hat for my older son. The Dollar Spot at Target sometimes has character baseball caps so when they have them, I pick up a few and save them for later. I have found Batman, Paw Patrol and even Star Wars caps.


If you are looking for other low cost ideas, here are a few more Easter Basket fillers that little ones would enjoy:


  • Sticker books
  • Play Dough
  • Goldfish crackers or pretzels
  • Mini light sabers or princess wands
  • Art supplies such as paint, sketchbooks, etc.
  • Journal
  • Mini LEGO sets or mini figures
  • Mini Thomas the Train
  • Chap stick or other toiletries
  • Sand toys
  • Bath toys or bubble bath


Where to Buy Easter Basket Fillers

Since I grocery shop at a few different places, I keep an eye out for basket fillers whenever I’m in one of my favorite stores. Here are my go to places to pick up affordable Easter basket fillers that my boys and nieces love.


  1. Target Dollar Spot: I find the majority of my Easter basket fillers in the Dollar Spot at Target. They always have lots of character items that my kids and nieces like.


  1. Dollar Stores: I make sure to do a shopping trip at my local dollar store before Easter to pick up coloring books and other goodies for my baskets.


  1. Big Lots: Big Lots has a pretty large toy section so if I feel like the baskets are lacking, I pick up a small toy (Matchbox car, Sesame Street figures, etc.) to include in the Easter baskets.


  1. Carter’s: I usually hit Carters during one of their big sales and pick up swim suits and sunglasses for all of the kids at 50% off. You can’t beat that deal!


What types of non-candy items do you put in your Easter baskets?



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