Legoland Hotel California Review

Legoland Hotel California Review

Review of Our Weekend at Legoland Hotel California


Every year, my husband and I spend a small fortune on a birthday party for each kid. When all is said and done, we spend a few hundred dollars to feed and entertain friends for a few hours. This year, we decided to shake things up.


We spoke with our oldest son and asked which he’d prefer for his eight birthday – a party with his friends or a trip to Legoland, including a stay at the Legoland Hotel California. Thankfully, he chose Legoland, which serves as a birthday celebration for both kids since their birthdays are only six weeks apart.


Since my son’s birthday fell on Memorial Day weekend, we priced out several options for our Legoland Hotel California stay. In the end, we did a three night stay from Thursday through Saturday with two day tickets for Legoland and free breakfast.


We booked the entire package through the hotel website. Prior to booking, we priced out the difference between buying our park tickets at Costco and just booking the hotel but the hotel package included early entry to the park, which we felt was important given the holiday weekend.



Legoland Hotel California Perks

This was honestly my first time staying at an amusement park hotel. I’ve never been to Disneyworld and I grew up a 20 minute drive from Disneyland so there was never a need to stay at the hotel. All that is to say, I have nothing to compare this experience to, other than the few times I’ve stayed in luxury hotels. My husband had a similar childhood, so this was a first for him as well.


From the moment we walked into the lobby, we knew that this was going to be an amazing experience for our boys. While my husband checked us in, our kids got to play in the giant pirate ship in the hotel lobby. My youngest (almost 4) was having a blast running up the drawbridge and playing inside the ship while my oldest was intent on building Lego creations.


The entire hotel is designed to make parents and kids happy. There is a bar that serves alcohol in a seating area across from the giant pirate ship in the lobby so parents can have an adult beverage while watching their kids play. The rooms have two peepholes – one for kids and one for adults!


Have you ever wondered what it's like to stay at Legoland Hotel? I share my thoughts from our family trip to Legoland and Legoland Hotel California.
Some of our favorite perks from Legoland Hotel California.



There are so many wonderful features at Legoland Hotel California that I’ll share my favorites here:


  • Dance party in the elevators: As soon as the elevator doors close, a disco ball comes on and 70s dance music starts blasting for a 15 second elevator dance party. Such a fun feature! You could see who was dancing by their reaction when the door opened.


  • Daily treasure hunts and prizes: Every day, you can pick up a treasure hunt quiz from the concierge and search the hotel for answers. Once you find your answers, you use the numbers to open the treasure chest in your hotel room to get your Lego prize. There is a prize for each child in your room. My boys loved finding their prize each afternoon. My oldest saved his to open at home while my youngest immediately opened his and built them (with lots of help since he’s not quite 4).


  • Separate sleeping area for the kids: In an ideal world, we could always afford to stay in a hotel suite so the kids have a separate sleeping area. The cool thing about the Legoland Hotel California is that the kids have a separate sleeping area with bunk beds and a TV. My son said that was his favorite part about the hotel.


  • Fun Lego Décor: The entire hotel is filled with cool Lego models. From the characters in the restaurants and near the elevators to the models throughout each hotel room. My kids got a kick out of them and my husband and I were amazed at the detail.


  • Entertainment for the kids: As I mentioned, there is a bar across from the giant pirate ship. Even better than a play area is the fact that the kids can participate in activities while you watch. My son did the hero training on our first night and had a blast. He was dancing and doing the limbo – huge for my shy guy. There is also a dance party every night from 6 – 9 p.m. Truth be told, I really wanted to do this but I couldn’t get my kids to do it. My boys are on the shy side, so the dance party was a bit overwhelming to them.


  • Very kid-friendly pool: The hotel pool is nice and warm, a big perk for me. My favorite thing about the Legoland Hotel California pool is the shallow entry, which is great for young kids. There is a lot of pool space that is under three feet deep so my youngest had a lot of room to play. They also had giant foam Legos in the pool, which my son used to make his own kick board. There were also a lot of Lifeguards on staff and it was clear that they were really watching the kids, not just hanging out.


  • Early entry to Legoland: I’m sure it may have been cheaper to buy Legoland tickets at Costco, or even to buy single day tickets and use free kid passes that can be found in many places, but during busy times, it is far more beneficial to get tickets through the hotel to take advantage of early entry. Hotel guests can enter the park 30 minutes before the general public. We were able to ride the Lego Ninjago ride each morning and a second ride before the park was even open. We also got in line for a third ride before the line was too long. This was huge since lines throughout the day were over an hour so we got to do more as a result of early entry.


Have you ever wondered what it's like to stay at Legoland Hotel? I share my thoughts from our family trip to Legoland and Legoland Hotel California.


Legoland Hotel California Cons

To be honest, I don’t have too many negatives to share. If I have to get picky, these were things that I didn’t love about our stay, however, they wouldn’t stop me from staying again.


Dining Options:

We dined at Bricks, Skyline Café and room service during our stay so I can share a bit about each. I’m not a big fan of buffets and my kids eat very little so Bricks was really expensive for what we ate. My oldest ate about a cup of macaroni and cheese, I had a salad and my youngest had about 10 grapes. My husband was really the only one who got our money’s worth on a buffet dinner.  I will say that the free breakfast buffet was fantastic, so that more than made up for our expensive dinner.


We had lunch at Skyline Café and I was really pleased with our meal. The boys got a cup of fresh fruit with their meals, which was nice since they were eating a hot dog and chicken tenders. I had a nice salad and my husband had the flatbread. The prices were what you would expect for a hotel restaurant, so no complaints.


Hotel room service was through Skyline Café and my only complaint is that they don’t have the same varied selection. Room service options for adults is pretty limited, but they did have what my kids wanted and since they’re harder to please, I was content.



Pool Amenities:

While the pool was great, it would have been nice to have a Jacuzzi/hot tub. This is probably more a chronic pain sufferer issue, but I really need hot water to help with joint pain so it would have been nice to soak in a Jacuzzi after a day at the park.


I also didn’t see food service available at the pool. It would have been nice to have lunch next to the pool, rather than having to leave to eat.



Play Area Security:

I found it a bit odd that the lobby play area was right next to an open door that leads to outside to Legoland park (not sure if I’m explaining correctly). I would have preferred that it wasn’t so close to an open door because I felt like I had to keep a really close eye on my youngest. I would have been watching him either way, but it made me anxious that he was playing so close to an open door that led out to the street (in a sense).



Barn Door Bathroom Door:

If you’ve read my post on hotel must haves, you know that one of my biggest hotel pet peeves is a bathroom door that doesn’t lock. Kids tend to play with sliding doors and there isn’t as much privacy. I am not a fan, at all. I imagine they needed to use that type of door because they needed space for the sleeping area for the kids, but it still annoyed me.



As you can tell, my cons are pretty minor. Overall, every member of my family had a wonderful stay and my son has already said that he wants to skip a party next year to do a Legoland Hotel California stay again. He has even agreed to help save money by not asking for random stuff throughout the year because I explained that it was a true luxury trip for us and we saved for this vacation.



Note – this is not a sponsored post. Our family took this trip at our own expense. All opinions are my own.


Have you ever wondered what it's like to stay at Legoland Hotel? I share my thoughts from our family trip to Legoland and Legoland Hotel California.





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