Last-Minute Holiday Gifts for Busy Moms

Last-Minute Holiday Gifts for Busy Moms

What To Get Busy Moms for Christmas…Or What I’d Buy For Myself


After being married for 13 years, my husband has a hard time finding the right Christmas gift for me. It’s not that I’m super picky, he has just run out of gift ideas over the years. I spend most of my time working or with the kids, so fancy clothes or jewelry aren’t on my wish list.


So, what do you get a busy mom who doesn’t need or  want much? I would love more time. I would love a clean house. I would love a healthy body. These aren’t really things that can be put under a Christmas tree. While time, laundry and a clean house can’t be bought, there are still great gifts that would make a busy mom in your life smile. Here are holiday gift ideas for anyone struggling with what to get a busy mom who doesn’t need anything.



Brighten her day with pretty things.
Brighten her day with pretty things.


Easy Last-Minute Gift Guide for Busy Moms

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Time Away: I love spa gift cards. That is by far my favorite gift from my husband. It isn’t just the cost of the massage, facial or manicure, it is also the promise of much-needed time away from the family to take care of myself. Sometimes it takes me months to redeem my gift card, but just knowing that I have a future spa appointment makes me happy. If a spa day is out of your gift budget, a gift box of spa or beauty products is a great alternative. You can also make a spa date with a friend. Perhaps you schedule time for the two of you to do something in the self-care realm together.


My Own Pretty Things: I am the only female in my house. We have lots of blue, green and muted tones in the house. I’m not a girly girl, but every now and then, I want to have pretty things that are just mine. I have three coffee mugs that are all mine. One has my initial on it, polka dots and gold trim. The other has yellow and orange stripes. They are mine. my husband doesn’t use them, neither do my kids. I have slowly started buying a few glasses and dishes that are more feminine, just for my use. They make me happy. Is there something that the practical mom in your life would like but doesn’t would never spend money on? Gift it to her.


Luxury Items: I’m not talking about Cartier watches or Louis Vuitton bags. Those are great but way out of my budget and don’t match my lifestyle. What I mean by luxury items are fancy hand cream and lotions that I are pricey but last a long time. Other options are fancy tea, nice bubble bath, nice gloves or socks. To me, luxury gifts are items that feel nice every time I use them.


Pretty Notebooks and Pens: I’m a list maker and I love stationary and planners. I can never have too many notebooks. If you know an organizing freak or someone who enjoys journaling, consider a fancy notebook.


Hired Help: My dream gift is a few cleaning services or car detailing. To be honest, my husband does the bulk of house cleaning due to my medical limitations, but it usually isn’t up to my standards. I don’t complain, since I’m not doing it, but I would love to have my house spotless, all at once, rather than having clean bathrooms one week, clean bedrooms another week, etc. Who has the time to make everything spotless all at once when you have work, kids and a life?


Self-Care Opportunities: When I was pregnant with my youngest, my husband pre-paid for 10 private Pilates sessions at a local studio. That was my favorite holiday gift since I would never splurge on that for myself. Another slam dunk gift from my husband was my Kindle. I love reading, but with two kids and a job, I don’t have a ton of time. I love real books so never considered a Kindle. My techie husband got me a Kindle and I started reading so much more. I could take my Kindle with me anywhere since it is so light weight. So now, I can read while waiting for my doctor or while I’m in line at the pharmacy. The thing these two gifts have in common is that they are self-care items for me. Think about what types of self-care the mom you are gifting enjoys and pick something that fits that role. Self-care means different things to different people.



Give mom the opportunity for self-care.
Give mom the opportunity for self-care.



And for the moms who are reading this, hoping to pass on ideas to loved ones, don’t wait for these gifts if no one gets them for you. I highly recommend gifting them to yourself. Moms put the needs of everyone else ahead of our own at the detriment to our own well-being.


If no one is stuffing your stocking, buy your own stocking stuffers. If your spouse isn’t a good gift giver, show him this list or tell him what you want. It isn’t about being greedy, it’s about caring for yourself. It’s about prioritizing your wants for a change.


In general, being a mom is a selfless act. We give everything we have to our family. No matter how exhausted we are, if our kid wakes up in the middle of the night crying, we run to comfort them. If there is only one cookie left, we hand it over to our child. That’s just what moms do.


Take a little time over the holidays to put yourself first, even just for a minute. If you don’t care for yourself, who will?


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