Five Friday Favorites – Los Angeles Lunch Destinations

Five Friday Favorites – Los Angeles Lunch Destinations


Roundup of My Favorite Family Friendly Lunch Spots in Los Angeles


I’m starting a new blog series called Five Friday Favorites. Each week, I’ll share a few of my favorite places, products or activities. Hopefully, I’ll introduce you to a new family favorite!


This week’s Friday Favorites are family friendly lunch spots in Los Angeles. I love choosing local lunch spots that will be a Los Angeles adventure in and of itself so I have no problem driving out of my neighborhood to grab lunch. It was actually difficult to choose favorite Los Angeles lunch spots since there are so many great places so I stuck with places that had more to do than just eat.


Roundup of my favorite lunch destinations in Los Angeles.

My Family’s Friday Favorites for Lunch in Los Angeles


  1. The Original Farmer’s Market – I have been going to lunch at the Original Farmer’s Market since I moved to Los Angeles in my early 20s. My girlfriends and I would meet there, have lunch and buy produce almost weekly long before The Grove was developed. Now that I have kids, it is still the perfect lunch destination for our family. My personal favorites are Loteria Grill (Mexican), Moishe’s Restaurant (Mediterranean), Pampas Grill (Brazilian) and The French Crepe Company. My husband loves Bryan’s Pit Barbecue and my kids usually have Phil’s Deli and Grill. The awesome thing about The Original Farmer’s Market is that you can all have something different and all of the food is fresh and delicious.


  1. Carney’s Restaurant (Sunset Strip) – The fact that the restaurant is in an old train car is what makes this restaurant a family favorite for us! My boys both love trains so they love eating at Carney’s. This is not healthy dining. Carney’s specializes in hot dogs and hamburgers, which are super tastey. They do have some healthier options, but I’ve never tried them since they are known for their burgers.


  1. Grand Central Market – Like The Original Farmer’s Market, Grand Central Market has a ton of food stalls to choose from so you can have an amazing burrito but your kid can get a grilled cheese or chicken strips. The toughest part about eating here is deciding what to get! One note – this is an indoor market that is open on both sides so they don’t have air conditioning. You don’t want to dine here during a heat wave, trust me, we did and were hot and miserable. Note – you can get to Grand Central Market easily by train and check out lots of nearby sites like Pershing Square and the Downtown Central Los Angeles Library.


  1. El Paseo Inn (Olvera Street) – Really, you can’t go wrong with any of the restaurants on Olvera Street but we are partial to El Paseo Inn and dine there whenever we take the Metro to Olvera Street. If you haven’t been to Olvera Street, it is well worth the trek. It’s such a cute little walking district where you feel like you’ve been transported back in time to early California. Olvera Street is one of my favorite places in all of downtown Los Angeles. Note – you can take the Metro to Union Station and just walk across the street to Olvera Street.


  1. Hennessey’s Tavern (Manhattan Beach) – OK, now you must be thinking I’m nuts. I mean, what mom recommends a pub for a family friendly lunch? Hear me out – the food at Hennessey’s is really good and the restaurant isn’t too crowded at lunch time. Since they serve Irish pub fare, there are great lunch options for the kids. We like this lunch spot when we are in Manhattan Beach because it brings back memories from when we were dating and my husband lived in Manhattan Beach and it is really close to the pier so we can hit the aquarium before or after lunch.


I hope you enjoyed the first installment of Five Friday Favorites. Do you have any favorites you’d like me to share?



Roundup of my favorite Los Angeles lunch destinations



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