Considering a FitBit Alta? My Honest Review.

Considering a FitBit Alta? My Honest Review.


I’m reviewing my FitBit Alta Three Months In


I know I’m late to the party, but I finally got a FitBit. I had been feeling really run down even after going to bed early and getting what I thought was a full night’s sleep so when my husband asked what I wanted for Christmas, I knew exactly what to request. I wanted a FitBit so that I could track my sleep.


I know most people get a FitBit to track their steps and force themselves to walk more frequently, but that truly wasn’t the purpose of the FitBit to me. With an autoimmune disease that affects my hips and spine, I don’t push myself. I am as mobile as I can be on any given day. On a good day, I may take a nice walk and park farther at the grocery store or at my son’s school. However, on a rough day, I try really hard to move as little as possible.


I initially resisted a FitBit because I didn’t want a gadget to point out how inactive I am on bad days. I also thought I lived a fairly sedentary life and since I can’t control how I feel, I would be bummed about how little I move. Turns out, I was wrong about that. I guess when you have kids, even on a low-activity day, you’re still fairly active.



FitBit Alta Review


I have been wearing my FitBit Alta since Christmas day, so just under three months. Here are some interesting things I’ve discovered about myself since using my FitBit.


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  1. I don’t sleep well. At all.

The first night I wore my FitBit, it said I woke up 18 times in one night! Holy cow! It was a little off and took a few days to really figure out my sleep and understand that my tossing and turning is restless sleep. That being said, I still wake up between 4 – 9 times a night, every night. I also am restless on average 12 times a night. No wonder I’m so tired! My body must rarely go into REM sleep.


Unfortunately, I don’t have a real solution to this problem since I am resistant to sleeping medication. I am trying to practice proper sleep hygiene, but it isn’t really working well. At least I know that I’m tired for a reason.



  1. I am more active than I thought.

My average step count, without any effort is around 7,800 steps per day. On high pain days, I still get around 5,000 – 6,000 steps per day. When I hit 10,000 or more steps, I am usually pretty wiped out the next day.



  1. I’ve found my happy activity place.

I know that pushing myself to 10,000 steps per day is too much for my body, however, I find that I feel best when I get around 8,000 steps per day.


  1. I like the reminders.

If I have been sitting for too long, my FitBit buzzes on my wrist. It actually reminds me to step away from my work for a minute to walk to the kitchen and get a fresh class of water.


I wish I could say it forces me to go walk around the block, but I only have a set amount of time to work while my kids are at school so I plow through my work, usually without taking a break. At least with my FitBit reminder, I stand up for a few minutes, take a few steps and sometimes even do a few stretches.



  1. My FitBit helped me diagnose a sinus infection!

I don’t get a fever when I have an infection (weird!) and since I take several pain medications, the pain is masked. A month ago, my rheumatologist called me to instruct me to go to the doctor immediately because my blood work showed I had a serious infection. I turned out I had a severe sinus infection and an ear infection.


Since I have chronic allergies and am regularly ill, I didn’t realize I had an infection. However, my FitBit showed that I woke up far more frequently (which is insane since I wake up a ton) over the past few weeks. After I finished my round of antibiotics, I thought I was better. A few days later, I started waking up more frequently than normal so I went back to the doctor and guess what? My sinus infection was back! If I hadn’t noticed the pattern, I wouldn’t have gone back to the doctor and the infection could have been far worse.



  1. I lost a tiny bit of weight by moving more.

OK, I’m not sure if the FitBit helped me lose weight, but I’ve been at the same weight for over a year and I’ve lost a few pounds over the last two months. My diet hasn’t changed, but I do try to move more on days that I feel well. I’m going to credit the FitBit since that is the only lifestyle change I’ve made.


The only negative to my FitBit is that it doesn’t track your steps when you are pushing a shopping cart or stroller. I notice it also doesn’t track my steps when I’m holding my son’s hand. Those are annoyances since I want my steps to be tracked, but it wouldn’t turn me away from purchasing a FitBit.


Should you get a FitBit? My totally honest review.



Are you on the fence about getting a FitBit? I’m glad I did even though I’m not going nuts trying to beat my steps or competing with people online. It has helped me track sleep, which has been beneficial in tracking health changes. For someone who is already healthy, it can definitely encourage you to be more physically active.





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