Five Friday Favorites – Favorite Family Apps

Five Friday Favorites – Favorite Family Apps


Roundup of My Family’s Favorite Apps


While I wish I could say that my kids get zero screen time and spend all of their time reading and doing art projects, that’s just not real life. We’re a busy family that tries to spend lots of quality time together, but we definitely use technology.


Here is a roundup of favorite apps in our family. Some of these apps are used exclusively by the kids and some of the apps are used exclusively by the adults. In any case, the apps are used frequently enough in our home that I want to share them with others.


I’m going to confess that I’m a bit of a cheapskate about apps. I know you get what you pay for but I hate spending money on apps. So, if I’m sharing an app that I paid for, you better believe we have gotten our money’s worth!


Five Favorite Apps:

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  1. YouTube – Ah, YouTube. I don’t understand my kids’ fascination with watching other kids play with toys that they already have at home, but both boys love watching those types of videos on YouTube. My 7 year old watches Minecraft, Power Rangers and Lego videos while my 3 year old watches what he calls “Toy Thomas” – a.k.a. videos of people playing with Thomas the Train. I like to visit YouTube for meditation and relaxation videos and when we were visiting my teenage nieces, they used YouTube for their music playlists. (Price: Free)


Roundup of favorite apps for families.


  1. Dinosaur Chess – When my oldest started playing chess in kindergarten, his teacher suggested this app for him to practice at home. He still uses the app two years later and his little brother likes to play the dinosaur game that is part of the video. It was well worth the cost and it doesn’t require wifi so it is great for travel. (Price: $4.99)


Roundup of favorite apps for families.


  1. Kindle – For my first Mother’s Day, my husband bought me a Kindle. At first I was annoyed because I was strictly a “real” book person but now I can say that it has truly changed my life. I read so much more now that I read eBooks. The Kindle app can be downloaded on your iPhone, iPad or Android devices and you can read books across platforms (it updates to farthest page read). You can read library books on the Kindle app or if you are a Prime member, access their free content. (Price: Free for app)


Roundup of favorite apps for families.


  1. Epic! – I have been very hesitant to introduce eBooks to my kids since I love the feel of holding a book and turning pages. However, my oldest is a very reluctant reader and fights us on reading. My husband downloaded Epic! An eBook reader and I kid you not, many times, my son goes over his required reading time, actually getting lost in a book. That has never happened. Epic! Also has audio books, which is great for books that interest my son but are above his reading level. He has listened to the Mummies audiobook several times! (Price: $4.99 per month but first month is free)


10 Chapter Books



  1. Cartwheel by Target – OK, this is clearly not an entertainment app, but I save so much money using the Cartwheel app that I would be remiss for not sharing it. You can go through the categories and add items that you purchase to your list and then you save anywhere from 5% to a $1 or more on the item when you have the checker scan the app. So easy. I check it every time I’m going to Target (which is a lot). (Price: Free)


Roundup of favorite apps for families.



In writing this, I realize I could actually go on and on with favorite apps. I guess my family uses technology and apps more than I thought! I’ll have to do a few follow up posts on this to share some of our other favorites!


Do you have any apps that your family loves? I’d love to check them out!


Roundup of five favorite apps for our family.


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