Favorite Trader Joe’s Items for Easy Healthy Eating

Favorite Trader Joe’s Items for Easy Healthy Eating


Roundup of The Best Healthy Trader Joe’s Products


If you have never been to a Trader Joe’s, you’re missing out on affordably priced, healthy food options. I used to avoid shopping at Trader Joe’s because the stores near me had terrible parking and were always really crowded, no matter what time I shopped. Recently, a Trader Joe’s opened near my home and if I go right after I drop off my son at school, it is a pleasant shopping experience.


I’m glad I am now able to shop Trader Joe’s regularly because I save a lot of money on healthy food items for my family. In fact, the organic milk at Trader Joe’s is almost $2 less than it is at Target and $1 less than it is at Sprouts. Most of the organic produce is only slightly more expensive than conventionally grown produce.


If you’ve never been to Trader Joe’s and don’t know what to get, I’ll share some of my favorite health food items so you know where to start.



Roundup Up Best Healthy Items at Trader Joe’s


  1. Organic White Quinoa: I make a batch of this every week for my lunch. I add some fresh vegetables, blue cheese and the next item on the list (balsamic vinaigrette). I have also tried the frozen quinoa, which was tasty as well, but I prefer the texture of the organic white quinoa.


Best healthy Trader Joe's items - asocalmom.com


  1. Salad Dressing: My two favorite Trader Joe’s salad dressings are the Balsamic Vinaigrette and Green Goddess. They are both so tasty and make my salads taste delicious.


Best healthy Trader Joe's items - asocalmom.com


  1. Frozen Fruit: I love making smoothies and my favorite smoothie ingredient is the Trader Joe’s pineapple tidbits. Pineapple has anti-inflammatory properties so I like to include it in all of my smoothies since I have an autoimmune disease. My other smoothie favorites are the organic frozen berry mix and organic mango. I change up my smoothie flavor based on my mood


Best healthy Trader Joe's items - asocalmom.com


  1. Baby Beets: I love beets but I hate peeling and cooking them. It takes a lot of time and effort and I am always disappointed with the result. I now exclusively by the peeled and cooked baby beets from Trader Joe’s. I add them to my quinoa salad or any of our regular salads.


Best healthy Trader Joe's items - asocalmom.com


  1. Turkey Meatballs: I always have a bag of Trader Joe’s fully cooked turkey meatballs. They are perfect for nights when I can’t make dinner before karate but need my son to have dinner before his 1.5 hour practice. All I need to do is cook the pasta and add the turkey meatballs to spaghetti sauce and dinner is done in less than 15 minutes.


Best healthy Trader Joe's items - asocalmom.com


  1. Organic Dairy: As I mentioned, the organic milk is significantly cheaper at Trader Joe’s than elsewhere. I also get a quart of organic low-fat plain yogurt to use in my smoothies.



Favorite Not-So-Healthy Trader Joe’s Items

While we try to eat healthy most of the time, there are definitely times when we eat not-so-healthy and there are certain Trader Joe’s Items I stock up on for those times.


  1. Wine: I am way past the point of enjoying two-buck Chuck, but Trader Joe’s has a great variety of wine that is usually a bit cheaper than it is at the grocery store (for states where wine is sold in grocery stores). My favorites are the Spanish and Chilean red-wines or the mixed grape varietals.


  1. Cheese: My almost eight year old loves to try new cheeses and Trader Joe’s is his favorite place to try new types. I always get a block of blue cheese or goat cheese for my quinoa salad. I also get cheddar string cheese for my kids at a bit less than they are at the grocery store.


  1. Pre-marinated Chicken and Meat: I love the Trader Joe’s pre-marinated pollo (chicken) asada. We use it in tacos or even in salad. I also like the pre-marinated beef since I rarely cook beef so I’m not confident in my beef cooking skills.


  1. Frozen Macarons: I love, love, love the frozen macarons (in the frozen food section). After dinner, I pull out two and set them aside on a napkin to have for dessert when they thaw. They are so good!


  1. Chocolate: Trader Joe’s has so many chocolate options. My favorites are the peanut butter cups, the s’mores and the chocolate crispy candy bars, but I have never had bad chocolate from Trader Joe’s. You really can’t lose by trying something new.


When I wasn’t able to shop Trader Joe’s frequently, I would stock up on some of my favorite frozen items so that I didn’t have to go too often. Do you have any favorite Trader Joe’s items? I’d love to hear them!


Roundup of best healthy foods from Trader Joe's.


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2 thoughts on “Favorite Trader Joe’s Items for Easy Healthy Eating”

  • 1
    Ttrockwood on May 20, 2017 Reply

    I am a huge fan of the frozen meatless balls! They’re surprisingly delicious. And the wall of hummus has some good ones-the edamame one and meditteranean are favorites. The coconut milk ice cream is to die for- even better than regular ice cream. And i always buy the teeny tiny potatoes which come in hand for salads or quick roasted potatoes

    • 2
      Kathy Macaraeg on May 22, 2017 Reply

      Oh, I’m going to have to try the hummus. My dad makes hummus for me so I’m a bit spoiled, but he doesn’t make it every week and hummus is such a great healthy snack. Will definitely try the coconut milk ice cream. If it’s vegan, it may be a great dessert option for my brother’s girlfriend!

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