Create a Relaxing Space Amongst the Clutter

Create a Relaxing Space Amongst the Clutter


Create One Relaxing “Haven” in Your Home Even if You Have Little Kids and Clutter Everywhere Else!


I wish I could walk into my home and see every surface devoid of clutter, all of the toys picked up and a generally warm, welcoming environment. Unfortunately, I’m the only person in my home who hates clutter. I’m also the only person who tries to get rid of the mess and clutter. No one else seems to put things back where they belong because it isn’t really important to them.


I should be embarrassed that my house is frequently messy, but I’ve learned to let that go. While I constantly work on teaching my boys to clean up after themselves, I can’t live in a home that has so much stuff. It stresses me out. I can’t relax when there is clutter everywhere.


The challenge for me is, my chronic pain and medications that make me dizzy make it hard for me to constantly pick things up off the floor. Imagine having the room spin every time you bent down to pick up a toy. Not fun! Even if you don’t have a chronic illness, I imagine picking up toys and junk isn’t at the top off your list at the end of a long day.


I’m not suggesting you just leave the mess, but let’s face it, we (or maybe just me) can’t pick up after everyone all the time. That doesn’t mean I have to live in an environment that totally stresses me out. I’ve started creating a few “havens” that are clutter free so that I can look in that direction and see no mess.



How to Create Clutter-Free Relaxation Zones

If you are like me and need just a few places that are devoid of clutter to help you feel relaxed, follow my tips for creating relaxing zones in your home. I’ve kept my zones for several months and they keep me happy when the rest of the house is a disaster (pretty much all of the time).


clutter free zones
Use fresh flowers to brighten your space. It will make you less likely to have paper piles next to your pretty flowers.


Create Clutter-Free Zones in Every Room

We are a family of four in a two bedroom condo. There is no playroom. Our living room is the playroom. And, while I like the fact that I can hear what my kids are doing from most parts of the house, it means there is not one room that doesn’t have toys. My three year old makes every room his play space. I have a few spots in each room (except their bedroom) that are “my” spots.


The kids (and my husband) know not to leave their stuff in “my” spots or they’ll get tossed. I choose zones that are either out of the way or up a bit high so it isn’t tempting to the kids, but I’m vigilant about my zones.


Decorate Your Clutter-Free Zone to Your Taste

I didn’t think I was a girly girl, until I became the only girl in the house. I’m used to being the only girl – I have two brothers – but before getting married and having two sons, I lived alone and got to decorate to my own taste. I had a beautiful white couch that I loved. Now that I’m married, our home is full of neutral colors. I prefer bright colors, but had to compromise, so my zones are accessorized to my taste.


I have a few bright pillows that I keep on “my” chair. I have a few pretty containers for my personal items and I bought a few girly coffee mugs that only I use. No matter how messy the rest of the house is, I know I can look at my clutter-free space and be content, even if the floor right below is littered with toys.


clutter free zones
Pick a small section to decorate in a way that makes you happy.


Maintain Your Clutter-Free Zone

If you do nothing else, maintain your own clutter free zones. I only have a few spots so I make a point of keeping my clutter-free zones clear. They are easy spots for me to maintain since my zones are not on the floor, so regardless of what every other part of my home looks like, there is one spot without clutter.


clutter free zone
Keep surfaces clear and use pretty containers to make your space a haven.


My zones bring me peace in my home. Even though no one else picks up after themselves and there are LEGOS and trains everywhere, I know that I have my space. Before I created my zones, it would stress me out to be home since I had nowhere to relax. Now, I can just hide in my room or sit opposite my “me” chair and look at a clear, pretty space.


Do you have clutter-free zones in your home?



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