Roundup Of Best Toddler Books for Boys

Roundup Of Best Toddler Books for Boys

My Top 10 Toddler Books


I love books. My husband loves books. My brother and sister-in-law are both educators. So, no surprise, my kids have a lot of books. A lot. In addition to our shelves and shelves of books, we make frequent trips to the library to get even more books to read.


I love books so much that I started a Free Lending Library at my son’s school so that all of the students would have access to a variety of books. I love when my kids check out a book that they normally wouldn’t read.


Since I’ve probably read thousands of books for toddlers, particularly toddler boys, I wanted to share some of my kids’ favorite books. If you’re a new mom, or a new boy mom, here are some books that have been a hit in our home.


Take advantage of the library for books you don't want to commit to your library.
Take advantage of the library for books you don’t want to commit to your library.



Top 10 Board Books for Toddlers

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  1. “Pajama Time” and “Hey Wake Up” by Sandra Boynton: I wish I had known about the fabulous Sandra Boynton with my first son. “Pajama Time” was a gift for my second son from my book club (told you l love books!) and we have read it so much that we literally wore it out. I had to buy a second copy, in addition to a copy for my niece. We also read “Hey Wake Up” on a weekly basis. It is in the top five books for my three year old. I will confess here that I have picked up many more of Sandra Boynton’s books and they have all been a hit with my son and my niece.

  1. “Where’s Spot” by Eric Hill: We were introduced to “Where’s Spot” when my oldest son was in speech therapy. His therapist brought it with her as a tool for him to practice words. He loved the book so much that we bought it for our library. I’m now reading it on a regular rotation to my three year old, who loves yelling “No! It’s a INSERT ANIMAL.” Neither of my boys get tired of this book.


  1. “Dear Zoo, A Lift-The-Flap Book” by Rod Campbell: This was another gift from my book club for my second child. My oldest, who was four years old at the time, loved the book and it is now on a very regular rotation with my younger son. Like “Where’s Spot,” this book has lift flaps so it is really engaging for the little ones. My three year old yells along “So I sent it back,” as we read together. Both boys have it memorized, yet my three year old still asks me to read it at least once a week.


  1. “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?,” by Eric Carle: I would be remiss if I didn’t include this classic in my roundup. Both boys have this book memorized, yet my three year old still asks for it regularly. If for some bizarre reason, your kids get tired of this book. You can also check out his other similar books “Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?” and “Panda Bear, Panda Bear, What Do You See?”.


  1. “That’s Not My Train,” by Fiona Watt: Yet another winner from my book club friends. My three year old loves this book and basically says the book along with me. It is a touch and feel book, so it is great for little ones who need to get their hands on things.


  1. “Trains Go,” by Steve Light: If you’re not catching the theme, my boys love trains. I try not to buy many new books for my younger son since we already have so many books. That being said, I had to buy this book after he repeatedly requested I read this book to him when we went to a play place that had it. I read it about three or four times every time we went. It basically is a book of sound effects and he says the sounds along with me “Ding Diiiiing Diiiiiing” is his favorite. This book ranks high on his list.


  1. “A Cuddle for Little Duck,” by Claire Freedman: I don’t know why this isn’t a top seller everywhere because this is by far, my favorite book. It is such a sweet book about a mama duck and her baby who spend the day together. I read it to my boys all the time. We all love it. I much prefer it to “Love You Forever,” which made me cry the first time I read it to my son. I’m not a big fan of crying, apparently.


  1. “Put Me In The Zoo,” by Robert Lopshire: This super cute book is a great tool for teaching little ones colors. My three year old loves shouting out the colors of the spots. I also like the message that if you don’t fit in somewhere, there is always somewhere where you will fit in.


  1. “Roadwork,” by Sally Sutton: I’m not really fond of this book but both of my boys love reading this book. Maybe it’s the cool construction vehicle illustrations or the funny sound effects, whatever it is, even my seven year old still picks this to read.


  1. “Click, Clack, Moo Cows That Type,” by Doreen Cronin: And finally, another winner from my book club moms. Both of my kids enjoy reading this funny book about cows that type demands of their farmer. If he doesn’t do what they ask, no milk for him!





We started reading to our kids from the time they were babies. Even with all of the other distractions – toys, screens, each other – they still love to snuggle up and read a few books. Since board books are never really long, we end up reading a lot of books in one sitting.


If you don’t want to buy these books without testing them out, check your local library to see if you can put it on hold. You may also want to check discount stores like Ross Dress for Less and Marshalls for these titles. I have bought several Sandra Boynton books from these stores at a reduced price. You just have to keep an eye on the children’s book section.


I also highly recommend doing a book exchange with fellow moms. So many of our current favorite books were given to me by moms in my book club. I had never read them to my oldest son and yet they were a huge hit in our home. Do you have any favorites not on my list?









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2 thoughts on “Roundup Of Best Toddler Books for Boys”

  • 1
    Fatima Zehra on November 21, 2016 Reply

    This list sounds so fun and awesome to read to a toddler! Thanks for sharing!

  • 2
    Sarah Prince on November 21, 2016 Reply

    My little boy loves this really old book that I grew up with, written in the sixties or something. It’s called “Ping” and it’s about a duck that lives on the Yangtze river and gets lost. My son now says Yangtze all the time, it’s funny. Whatever they love, right?

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